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Chelsea 4-3 Watford: What we learned

Chelsea had a very warm welcome back to Stamford Bridge on Monday night after winning the Premier League title on Friday at the Hawthorns. The Blues … Read More
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West Brom 0-1 Chelsea: What we learned

Champions of England! Chelsea secured their fifth Premier League title on Friday evening with a 1-0 win over West Brom at The Hawthorns. After … Read More
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Chelsea’s 2015-16 FA Youth Cup winners: Where are they now?

For the last decade, Chelsea have dominated the FA Youth Cup. They've appeared in eight of the last 10 — including the last six — and have won … Read More
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Chelsea 4-2 Southampton: What we learned

Chelsea got back on the winning track in the Premier League on Tuesday night, picking up a 4-2 win over Southampton at Stamford Bridge. The Blues … Read More
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Chelsea 4-2 Tottenham: What we learned

Chelsea move onto the FA Cup final after defeating Tottenham, 4-2, on Saturday afternoon at Wembley Stadium. Antonio Conte tested the integrity … Read More
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Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea: What we learned

Well, that was underwhelming! Sunday progressively got seemingly worse as the day rolled on. First it was the news that Thibaut Courtois wouldn't be … Read More
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