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Stoke City 1-2 Chelsea: What we learned

Chelsea picked up their third straight league win after a 2-1 victory over Stoke City at the Bet 365 Stadium on Saturday afternoon. The biggest … Read More
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Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United: What we learned

On to the next one. Chelsea advanced to the FA Cup semi-finals on Monday night with a 1-0 win over Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. The Blues … Read More
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West Ham 1-2 Chelsea: What we learned

Chelsea pushed their lead atop the Premier League table back to ten points on Monday evening after a 2-1 win over West Ham at the London … Read More
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Miami Dolphins: Off-Season Preview

I predicted doom for the Miami Dolphins' 2016 season. Boy, I was wrong! A playoff appearance was way beyond the wildest dreams of most Miami fans … Read More

LISTEN: Carefree Blues Podcast w/ David Amoyal

Amadi and myself returned to the eloquent Fernando Torres Studio to welcome back David Amoyal to the Carefree Blues Podcast. This was David's … Read More

Wolves 0-2 Chelsea: What we learned

Chelsea fought off a shaky first-half performance against a tricky Wolverhampton Wonderers side, putting in a much better shift in the final 45 to … Read More
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