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Players to look out for in the FA Youth Cup final

Chelsea are looking to collect their fourth FA Youth Cup in a row on Wednesday night when they face Manchester City in the second leg of the … Read More
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Chelsea 4-2 Southampton: Player ratings

Two former Chelsea players were on target for Southampton, but a Diego Costa brace ensured that Chelsea claimed a vital victory in their Premier … Read More
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Chelsea vs Southampton: Match preview

Chelsea now have to turn their attentions back to the Premier League title race after Saturday's emphatic 4-2 victory over Tottenham Hotspur at … Read More

Chelsea 4-2 Tottenham: Player ratings

Chelsea progressed into the FA Cup final after a triumphant 4-2 victory over Tottenham at Wembley. Despite Tottenham dominating possession, … Read More
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Chelsea vs Tottenham: Match preview

There aren't many worse ways in which to try and recover from a harrowing defeat to Manchester United than to play your arch rivals and probably the … Read More

Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea: Player ratings

Chelsea suffered another harrowing defeat in their pursuit of the Premier League title, as Manchester United tore apart a makeshift Blues defence … Read More
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