Paris Saint-Germain seem pretty relaxed before their Champions League match tonight against Chelsea. The Paris-based club currently holds a 2-1 aggregate over the Blues going into the second leg of the Champion Leagues Round of 16.

The Paris-London rivalry has been heating up ever since last year’s encounter between the clubs, but Paris Saint-Germain are looking to heat up the rivalry much more.

Today, PSG’s English twitter account tweeted a gif of superheroes captioning it with “Did you spot the hero? Ok, now it’s time to find the fraud…” If you wait long enough you can eventually see a picture of Diego Costa in his black mask pop up in the gif.

Costa obviously has a mean side to himself, and he has displayed his aggression towards the PSG side constantly. So it’s safe to say that PSG are not a fan of the Spaniard’s work.

However, within hours of PSG’s tweet, the London club replied with a vine of Costa scoring against the Paris club in Fifa 16.

Chelsea’s comeback wasn’t as strong as PSG’s initial attack, but Chelsea fans can take solace in the fact that their club has better things to worry about.

Chelsea need to bring their A-game if they wish to proceed in the Champions League. The London club only needs to win 1-0 in order to move on.