Ian Holloway has confused many Chelsea supporters by his suggestion that Frank Lampard is placing “too much faith in youth.”

Speaking to talkSPORT, Holloway suggested that Lampard is yet to get the balance of his team right in his opening three competitive games in charge, leaving these supporters confused by his comments. 

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Holloway’s comments certainly seem peculiar, and one aforementioned Tweet in particular sums it all up perfectly.

People have created a scenario that Lampard is playing a team full of youth players to give them all a chance, when really eight of his starting 11 against Leicester City were all playing under Maurizio Sarri last season.

For me, Lampard has struck a good balance of youth and experience thus far, and if anything it is some of the older players whom have been a cause for concern at this early stage. 

Do you agree with Holloway's comments?