Sports betting is a medieval form of entertainment which has been able to carry itself through the ages and still find a place in the modern world. Football has been around since the 5th century and so has betting on it, as of now the football industry amounts to more than 28 billion US dollars. In comparison, the global sports betting market accumulates to be more than 100 billion US dollars. The English premier league is a prestigious cup hosted by Premier League under the banner UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). Multiple clubs from England and Wales come together to take part in this competition, the majority from England, a total of 20 clubs play for this trophy. So, can betting on the premier league be a profitable affair? The most straightforward answer to that question is yes as over the last couple of years, and betting websites have become a lot more aggressive in shutting down profitable players, either by closing their accounts or by severely limiting their money that they can bet on any particular sport, this proves that the online betting market is full of opportunities ripe for the taking. Let us look at a few pointers on premier league betting for beginners.

Where to begin?

The first thing about online betting is choosing an authentic bookmaker and the only wat to confirm their credibility is research. Getting a bookmaker is the first thing you will need to do if you don’t already have an account and you should be on the lookout for two main things. Firstly you want to find out everything about signup bonuses which will usually come in the form of a matched deposit, so if you add 50 dollars to your account when you first signup, the bookmaker will match this and you will have a total of 100 pounds to bet with. The second thing to be aware of with football betting is that there are a large number of special offers that are worth knowing about, for example, ‘Betfred’ have an offer on the first goal scorer. Still, if you choose correctly and if that player scores a second goal then it will double your odds, if he scores a hat-trick, your odds will be tripled. ‘William-hill’ on the other hand will refund correct score predictions as free bets if the game finishes nil-nil. So to get the most out of football betting, it is essential that you dig around for these special bets and then open multiple accounts so that use you use this strategy to your advantage and receive lots of different types of signup bonuses. One of the common misconceptions about online gambling is that people thing sportsbooks are their only option, but that’s not the case, as reported by USA Friendly Poker Sites, you can also opt for other mediums of online betting. Few of the most popular companies which have an excellent market for betting on the English premier league are ‘Bet 365’, ‘Net Bet’, ‘Paddy Power’ and ‘William-hill’.

Placing the actual bet

If you don’t have an account then you will have to sign up before you place any bets and most bookmakers will ask for the same information which will include your name, date of birth, address, email and telephone number, you will also need to set a username and password to open this account, the only catch here is that you need to be 18 years old to open an account. Once you are logged in to the website, you scroll down and choose the sport you want to bet on and then select the game, which in this case in the English premier league. You will need to select the mode of gambling like top goal scorer, outright win, number of goals and many others. You will be shown your odds and the potential of winning; you chose the odds and placed the bet.


It is not easy to bet on the football market as small things can lead to drastic changes making the market readily volatile. There are many factors which make sure that a team might win, but since this, a team game, a small injury to the star player can make you lose all your money. Betting on football market should only be performed by enthusiasts who are well aware of how the game works. If you are one of those who is just about to place a bet because your favourite player is on a team, then this market is not for you.