After the loss to PSG in the Champions League, Chelsea Football Club are continuing to crumble during the worst season in recent memory.

Defending the league title was deemed impossible a few months into the season. Being knocked out of the League Cup wasn’t a lot of fun. The best manager in the history of the football club was sacked for the second time. The reigning player of the year has been the worst player on the pitch at times, and the team is going down hill.

At a time when the club is regressing rapidly, there are certain things the board can do now to save the season and begin the rebuilding.

The first thing the club must do is to give John Terry a new contract for two years. This is the most logical thing to do. No great empire has ever been rebuilt without a leader at the helm. Terry is the leader that Chelsea need over the next couple of seasons to bring them back into the Champions League and the Premier League title race.

A two-year contract would allow for him to retire at the club and would allow put the fans at ease knowing that their captain is not leaving. With young defenders such as Zouma, Miazga, and Christensen at the club, or out on loan, who better to usher them into the next era at the back than Terry?

Clive Mason/Getty Images Sport

Winning the FA Cup is now also mandatory at this point in the season. Securing a place in Europe through a league spot is now nearly impossible, winning the FA Cup would result in Europa League football next year.

It may not be the Champions League, but the Europa League allows for good competition (see Manchester United vs Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund vs Spurs). Also, the FA Cup would be the highlight of a season when there have not been many good moments.

The third step that is necessary would be to announce the next manager as soon as possible. Whether that be Guus Hiddink staying, or someone new taking charge, the club can’t be shrouded in uncertainty for too much longer.

The final step that must be taken by the club is to begin the planning of buying and selling players from the squad for the summer. This can only be done if a new manager is announced.

Once announced, the manager can begin planning for the summer transfer window. This could include preparing bids for reported transfer targets, Miralem Pjanic of AS Roma, and Granit Xhaka of Borussia Monchengladbach, just a couple of names that have been mentioned. With a busy summer ahead for international football, the sooner business is done, the better.

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In conclusion, the club is in shambles in a season where nothing has gone right. John Terry must be a given a new contract. European football must be secured through FA Cup glory. A new Manager must be announced and they should begin overhauling the squad, if necessary.

If these four things are done, the future looks bright for Chelsea. It is when you get knocked down that you must be able to get back up and work harder than you did before.