There are two types of coach; ONE who works everyday with the players on the training ground, working on plays, tactics and fitness.

The SECOND type is the game day coach, who picks the right starting XI and makes substitutions during a match; depending on how things are going. Frank Lampard, may be the first type of coach, but for me, one thing is for certain, he’s not the second!

I certainly have questions about the starting XI that Lampard picked for the Bournemouth game with Mateo Kovacic on the bench, along with Reece James, with a horribly under-performing Mason Mount starting.

The game was not going well, as the team lacked midfield thrust and creativity, and the poor, poor crosses provided by our over-lapping fullbacks were nothing short of woeful. James would have solved that in an instant.

Christian Pulisic had not started well, but in the minutes prior to his substitution, he was just hitting his stride and then suddenly he was yanked off along with Willian. Mount, was left on the field as a badly balanced Chelsea were left fighting for a goal, to save the game, having seen our defence again give up the chance of a clean sheet.

I am not sure whether throwing money at our problems is going to solve them.

We need to look at why Lampard can’t pick a strong XI, or see how a game is going and be able to make the right substitutions/

Callum Hudson-Odoi has been awful any time he has stepped in the field and I had high hopes for Mount when the season began, but the decision by Lampard to stick with Mount above all, may cost us Europe and maybe even his job.

Perhaps Lampard, who is only in his second season as a manager, will learn how to make the right substitutions at the right time with the right players, but in the meantime, we are going to have to accept poor games against poor teams we should beat, especially at Stamford Bridge.

Here’s hoping he leans how quickly, otherwise it might be time to substitute the coach!