It’s not that hard – it really isn’t. Arsenal have momentum and are attacking. Your main striker Tammy Abraham is lying on the floor. You win possession back and so you simply put the ball out. This stems Arsenal’s flow and allows your striker to get some treatment. It allows you to get set at the back and you see out the final five minutes or so and sneak home with a narrow 2-1 win.

Instead, you try to keep the ball in play and ultimately it falls to Bellerin who scores with his ‘left’ foot and yet another poor performance at home is recorded.

Surely paid professionals can see the game, analyse what is happening and make their own mind up that the ball needs to be put out of play. Unfortunately this is not the first time Chelsea have shown a lack of maturity or understanding. We can blame youth or other such things, but the simple matter is, the lack of coaching leadership from Frank Lampard is now starting to show, as more defensive lapses are costing us goals on a regular basis. Do we not practice or train how to defend?

Where do we go from here?

I am not sure…but something needs to be done. Do we enter the transfer market or do we get a more experienced coach? Hard to tell at the moment, but this season is slowly but surely taking a downward spiral and this slump needs to be ended before it’s too late.

Until something is done, there will be more games like this one, to add to the the likes of Newcastle, Bournemouth, West Ham and Southampton.