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Sarri’s substitutions are going to cost him his job

Who needs a coach when every player on the field knows who is going to replace whom and at what stage of the game as well. Mateo Kovacic starts, so … Read More

Why Chelsea should be looking no further than Steve Clarke

With Sarri's days clearly numbered, there have been a number of potential successor's mentioned to replace him. Former Real Madrid manager Zinedine … Read More

Sarri to say this, but…

Normally I would wait until the end of a game before ranting and raving about what I have seen, but being 4-0 down after a mere twenty minutes, even … Read More

No Plan A or B: Sarri must go

Enough is enough! Dire football orchestrated by a one-trick pony of a coach and we are in danger of floundering even further this season. The one … Read More

Sarri-ball? More like sorry-ball

Gone are the days when I would look forward to watching Chelsea play. From the days of Charlie Cooke to Pat Nevin and even to Eden Hazard of last … Read More