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Competition for places? That’s a joke

Even when your team wins the Premier League, it is advisable that you should always go out and improve your team. Creating serious competition … Read More

Sarri deserves credit after turning around Chelsea’s fortunes

If you have read any of my other articles and there have been a few - I am not the biggest fan of Maurizio Sarri. His insistence on using Jorginho … Read More

Kepa’s antics show why he and Sarri should both go

After the shambles that ensued towards the end of regulation time and into the penalty shootout, it is clear that Chelsea are in a total mess. Even … Read More

The case for the defence

The defensive four against Malmo on Thursday has to be the one that starts against Manchester City this Sunday in the Carabao Cup Final. This is the … Read More

What Kante He Do?

Maurizio Sarri continues to denigrate N'golo Kante's ability as a ball distributor and said this morning in a press conference, prior to the Malmo … Read More

Sarri’s substitutions are going to cost him his job

Who needs a coach when every player on the field knows who is going to replace whom and at what stage of the game as well. Mateo Kovacic starts, so … Read More