Cesc Fabregas believes Maurizio Sarri is a “very stubborn” manager, although he also admits he respects his former boss.

Sarri experienced a strange fairly successful first season at Chelsea, winning the Europa League, finishing third in the Premier League and reaching the EFL Cup final.

Despite this, supporters struggled to warm to the Italian, whose behaviour often frustrated them and whose playing style received plenty of criticism.

Sarri will leave Chelsea after just one year, with the 60-year-old set to be named Juventus’ new manager imminently.

Fabregas played under Sarri for the Blues, often struggling for game time, and he has given an honest assessment of his former boss.

Speaking to Press Association Sport, the Spaniard admits that he will never change his style, although he does respect him:

Well, he is a manager with his own ideas and he doesn’t move from them much.

He has an idea of how he wants to play and the football that he really wants to play. He doesn’t move from it.

No matter what you tell him, no matter what you advise him, no matter what your opinion is, he will never change.

He is very superstitious, he is very stubborn in this way.

But he did it the way he likes it. He has his own vision of football and, in the end, he is where he is with it and you have to respect that.

Chelsea are now on the hunt for a new manager, with various names being mooted, from Frank Lampard to a shock return for Jose Mourinho.

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