Chelsea have been given a huge boost in their pursuit of Gareth Bale after Zinedine Zidane dropped a major hint he would be leaving Real Madrid this summer, reports the Telegraph.

Zidane was talking in his pre-match press conference ahead of facing Bayern Munich and was asked a question about James Rodriguez leaving Real Madrid for their opponents on Wednesday.

Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images Sport

His response left a lot to be suggested about Bale following suit and asking to leave, with the Frenchman saying:

I never had any problems with James. He just wanted to play more and I understood. This year will be the same – there are important players but they have to sit on the bench. This is the most difficult part of being a coach.

Suggestions are that Zidane was implying that Bale will be a bench option next season and if that’s the case, then he could be on the move.