Any team visiting a fan-filled Anfield is at a disadvantage. This is what Chelsea knew going into the match. Unsurprisingly, the scouse outfit came out with a very energetic and aggressive start to the game but here are my 5 takeaways from Liverpool Vs Chelsea

  1. VAR? Even more room for improvement?

No one can deny the changes to VAR implemented this season are for the good but was the method behind the madness which saw Reece James being sent for an early shower utilised to full effect?

The fact that the referee can see the incident on field gives a better environment for players and match officials alike. The referee is part of the game and to have his decision overruled by someone in another city takes away from the vital role a referee has in control over the match. However, if the referee is looking at a freeze frame, the incident can be misinterpreted very easily. The decision against Reece James for a handball was correct but was it deliberate?

I think the referee saw the freeze frame, which admittedly looked bad, and decided to reveal a red card without considering the rest of the video. That is extremely unfair to James and even worse on his teammates who have to face a very attacking Liverpool side for a full 45 minutes plus stoppage time.

  1. “Well drilled” 

As spoken by sky sports commentator, Peter Drury, the Chelsea backline displayed a very ‘well drilled’ defensive performance. Despite being a man down going into the second half, Chelsea were unbreakable! Mendy was forced into action a few times as he made some excellent saves but all of which demanded the Senegalese to react to shots coming from outside the box.

Liverpool could barely find the ball inside the box and when they could, there was always a Chelsea player ready to pounce and prevent a chance for the darting players such as: Salah, Jota and Mane.

Chelsea didn’t break shape once in the second half. Chelsea fans can relish in the fact that regardless of the circumstances, we can rely on a solid defensive performance.

  1. Title Challenge

We are three games into the 21/22 premier league season so, much like it is at an online casino, it is next to impossible to predict the outcome of the season. From the start of the season, it is clear to see that Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea have displayed the strongest intentions to win the competition.

CBLs favourite is Chelsea while many other professionals think Liverpool will win.

In the first half it appeared that Chelsea would walk away with a comfortable 3 points unless something drastic changed the game. Chelsea were solid at the back and always looked like when they got the ball up the field, there was a strong opportunity to score. This is extremely positive as we were facing one of our biggest competitors. Along with last season’s champions league final we’ve proved ourselves against two of the biggest teams in England right now.

Don’t get carried away. We are still yet to see bad form under new management which in recent years is very apparent in the premier league.

  1. Physical Chelsea 

In the past we’ve seen Chelsea be too submissive, opting to win the foul or play around the defence rather than taking opposition on in every department. Only players like Diego Costa, David Luiz and N’Golo Kante are an exception to this notion.

Under Thomas Tuchel Chelsea have really moved past this. Players seem to be giving more and putting in a little extra in every challenge. I like to see Chelsea commanding the pitch more and more as opposed to only fighting in the big games.

Chelsea did that superbly against Liverpool especially when it came to marshalling Liverpool’s forwards. With Romelu Lukaku having the biggest battle against Virgil Van Dyk and Joel Matip we saw two of the biggest centre backs in the league struggle.

Moving forward with this attribute we will see Chelsea bully and dominate smaller teams and get an edge over some of the biggest teams in Europe.

  1. “The silky German is just what we need”

There is no doubt that Kai Havertz is a very talented young German and he seems to be producing just what we need.

Havertz hasn’t been able to replicate his Leverkusen stats at Chelsea but he has been producing marvellous contributions. Not only have we seen him win us the champions league but also put in a wonder goal in front of the Kop.

We are starting to see displays of the talent we expected from the German international after signing. By the end of the season I’m expecting to see a seasoned master out of Havertz.

Overall the point we gained against Liverpool was well deserved but disappointing for the sole reason that if it weren’t for the questionable red card, I believe we would have went on to win it. Nonetheless, there were many positives to draw from the match.